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 What amazing parties. Patti and Bill have a total understanding to the sciene of what it means for a BBC party. Very genuine friends now. Very thankful for all you do at your parties. So excited for many more to CUM!
Hello all, what can I say other then that PattinBill are the BEST hosts. They are incredible people who are the real deal in a world with so many fakes. As a single guy I can tell you that there are not many options in the lifestyle. If it was not for them I would have gave up on looking on this site.They accepted me into there home over a year ago for the BEST IR house party there is. For over a year now I have spent quality adult time with them on a regular basis in their home. I have met with some of the most genuine and best people around. Patti & Bill you're family and I THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart. See you both again SOON!!!. Love Paul
I met Patti and Bill at their June Interracial party. Wow!!! what a party! They are awesome hostess/hosts. So friendly and welcoming! Their party was the best one I’ve attended. If you’re looking for a BBC event to attend, I would highly recommend their parties as they are fun, erotic and wild with some very hot attendees! Patti and Bill, I can’t wait to attend another party. Hugs DD
We had a great time meeting and playing with this couple. They are fun, down to earth and as real as it gets.In our book they are "Lifestyle Superstars" and we can't wait to meet them again.
Two great people that know how to make everyone feel at home, P and B are the best hostess anyone can have. I can't wait for the next party !
Double click here to add textPatti and Bill are both so terrific and so welcoming, we felt very at home at their place right away. Their party was one of the most fulfilling experiences for me and certainly the finest men I have ever dreamed of. David and I were happy to arrive early to have time to spend with this delightful couple. We are looking forward to being friends with them for a long time to cum.
We attended our first party thrown by these fabulous hosts this weekend and we must say we had a blast. We felt very comforatble and welcomed by the wonderful hospitality and friendliness of Patti and Bill. It definitely won't be the only party of theirs that we attend, in fact they have some new regular attendees. If you enjoy these type of gatherings you would be well advised to sign up and attend their next party....
This cert is long overdue! I had the pleasure of making my third party at Bill and Patti's!! I got to see some old friends, meet some new friends, got an opportunity to play with sexy Patti, and left with a smile on my face!!! They are the best host and hostess ever!!! Bill, is way cool, laid back, and down-to-earth!!!! I hate I am going to miss the party in April, but I will be back for the follwing party!!!!!! T
wow,i have no idea why ive waited so long to write this cert,its not because i didnt know what to say about pattinbill "s parties.im glad i was there from the beginning to witness the growth of their sexy and fun packed dark cavern parties.the list of sexy ladies and respectful gentlemen grows with each party thrown.sexy patti,a true hostess that dont stay on the sideline but often the center of attention and bill not far from the center.its always a pleasure to attend and keep up the wonderful job,vee
I have had the privilege to attend a few parties hosted by this cute and friendly couple in their very comfortable home. They put alot of effort into getting the right mix and ratio of people. It is a welcoming no pressure environment and I always have alot of fun and look forward to the next time. Thank you PnB! xo d 
I've been to several of Patti and Bill's gatherings and I have to say they are special, intimate, can't miss, lifestyle events. I always have a good time and come away with at least one new friend.
We enjoy and look forward to Pat and Bill's parties they are always a guaranteed good time. If you enjoy IR action their parties are not to be missed!
P & B are gracious hosts of parties attended by great-looking guys who know how to show respect to the ladies and at the same time please them over and over and over again. We have met great guys, nice single ladies and other fun couples thanks to these parties where everyone has a fun time.add text.
Wow.... words cant explain how respectful and real this couple is... the Mr is laid back and easy going the Mrs is super sexy, hot, freaky and wild she know how to have the Dick pumping and begging for more, i always have a wonder full time with her whenever We meet in short they aré a wonderful couple who know how to host it get a chance to meet dont hesitate They aré for real....and to all black gentlemen do not forget to check calendar for thier party is bangin
I recently attended a PattinBill party and it became clear that they know how to throw a party. They are a great couple and very inviting, which was so nice as a first time attendee of their parties. They had such a great mix of people and the play time was great. I didn't play with them at their party but I was fortunate to play with them at a different party. I was glad to get the opportunity this time and I look forward to the next time. to add text.
Amazing, Honest, Real Couple!! There are so many more adjectives I can use to describe P & B, but I would be going on for days!! WOW! I've had the wonderful opportunities to attend their magnificent PARTIES!! Getting to know them & their guests have been an amazing SLS experience.. If you haven't been to one of their parties, then you haven't been to a "PARTY" yet!! I didn't want to leave! P & B is one of the greatest couples I've ever met! Wonderful, just plain wonderful!
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We recently attended an event this couple hosted. I can honestly say i left exhausted and satisfied! Patti is a real sweety and her n bill go out of their way to make everyone feel comfortable and safe. You guys are what this lifestyle is all about! Keep up the great work!
The Classiest People I know who knows how to throw a party. Luv Ya!